AB HOME Interiors by expert designer Amanda burdge

We are wrapping up the May Savings Event in the studio today. You can still find products online at their discounts until midnight tomorrow. And while I so enjoyed having a three day weekend last week, I am paying for it today. I forced my poor tired staff into the studio today to move our shop around to get ready for our new promo. Being a designer I have severe A.D.D and nothing can stay the same more than a week, maybe two; and oh how my staff begs for three or four. But I wouldn't have it any other way. I like things fresh, new and exciting. And we are starting our Pick Your Savings Event on Monday the 1st! Im so excited for this event. Unfortunately it is only open for locals, but when you come in you will be given an envelope that contains those magical words, DISCOUNT! Four lucky folks will receive an 80% off envelope. I had several people slip in today wanting to get a head start on the promo, but patience is a virtue....so you must WAIT! I hope all of you have a fantastic weekend. I must leave the studio before I move another thing. If I don't leave I will tinker until I collapse!

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