Sid Dickens Memory Blocks available in Brentwood TN

Our Sid Dickens tiles will officially be here Wednesday April 12th!

Sid Dickens Memory Blocks are hand-crafted, collectible pieces of art that gain in value when tiles get retired. They provide a contemporary style of decorating that is affordable, fun, and easy to use. With motifs ranging from Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, and Rococo, images from the Middle East, Babylon to London and Paris, art and music, mystic symbols, the Tarot, botanical patterns and board games-it isn't difficult to find a design that works for you.

Sydney Dickens resides in Vancouver, where him and a team of artists make their 6.5"x8" plaster tiles. We recently teamed up with Sid Dickens to expand our product line at AB HOME, and we are very excited to bring them aboard.

Sid Dickens Memory Blocks are best displayed in wall-mounted groupings. The size of the groupings is unlimited. No framing or installation costs are required. Only the simplest measurements are necessary. Each Memory Block back has been finished with an angled aperture. All you need to do is position a small tack, screw or nail in the wall and hang the tile. No additional supports, braces or mounts are necessary. Any individual can hang them.

Our first shipment of tiles will be arriving the first of March. All tiles retail for $78 each, but can go as high as $500 once retired. We are very excited about all the feedback we have already received and we are thrilled about being the only retailer in the Brentwood, Franklin area to carry them! If you want to know if there is a retailer near you click here and enter in your info. If you want more info about us, don't forget to visit our Facebook fanpage!

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