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As we moseyed into 2010 we realized that it was time to put on our game face's. All shiny and rested from a holiday full of guilty pleasure, and SUGAR, we were ready to start movin'! First on our list was the
website. Now we love our little website. But it was brought to our attention (by Scott our computer guru with fancy terms, and IMPORTANT tasks ) that our little engine that could, isn't so little anymore! We have grown up to be a very successful full grown adult website. ( and I don't mean the dirty kind!)

One of our biggest goals for the year: find NEW and UNIQUE products. Add new categories, delete old ones, and just give some good ol' lovin' to our website. One of our most exciting additions to our product line is Marianella Soaps. These beauties not only LOOK beautiful and decadent but they SMELL incredible! Marianella soaps are 100% natural and handcrafted with pure ingredients such as vegetable oils, cocoa butter, oatmeal, honey, goat's milk, and vegetable glycerin, only colored naturally and scented with all natural plant essential oils and the highest quality skin-safe fragrance oils.

"When I left my native country of Venezuela and moved to Dallas, Texas, I brought with me the memories I cherished of the world I left behind. These memoirs of sweet years of the past inspired me to continue an old family tradition of soap making. I never thought something that started as a Sunday afternoon practice with my sisters, in our mother’s kitchen, would turn into such a lush and exciting family business." Jaboneria Marianella

Marianella and her Son

We have had incredible success with these fantastic soaps. What has been most exciting is to see the joy that people get when I GIVE them as a gift. The 10 oz pouches are wrapped in a linen handkerchief that can be reused for numerous things, and the packaging on the individual soaps are pure eye candy!

Not only does Marianella capture your sense of smell, and create a visual dance of excitement, she even appeals to our strongest sense-emotion!

"Sitting on a wooden bench with my sisters in the parco degli aranci in Rome, watching a magnificent sunset that resembled an Aurora Borealis" thats just a little snipet from the inspiration of Aranciata, oh-la-la!

"My mission is to create a soap that lingers in your skin
and in your thoughts;that stirs your own memories
and that you cannot do without. Our soap is One
of a Kind and its uniqueness lies in the fact that
it is handcrafted. We take pride
in our collections because they are
as beautiful and timeless as the ideas behind them."
- Marianella
Now through the end of February, buy one Marianella soap,
get the second half off!
Have a great Friday everyone!

Marianella Febres - Cordero, President.

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