2010 Color Trend Report by design expert Amanda Burdge of AB HOME

I received an email this morning regarding the NEW 2010 trends for color. Funny I painted my powder room a deep eggplant four years ago and the male counterpart in my life said it was AWFUL. What does he know? It is one of 2010's strongest colors according to Lee, and Victoria. Which means Im currently in fashion!

Im loving the moody hues and Im already seeing a very strong trend in turquoise. I just recently did an interior for a client in turquoise, brown and green. I can't help but wonder. Did I choose these because I was ahead of the curve, or did I subconsciously choose them as the trend was transpiring? Id like to think I was ahead of the curve. But Im sure I saw it emerging in my fashion catalogs and started selecting without even REALIZING.

Here are the trends, Maria (from colour me happy) Id really like your input on this. What do you think my snazzy little Colour Expert!?

Expert Insight: Colour Themes and Trends for 2010

First up are the thoughts from Lee Eiseman, Pantone Colour Institute.
1. Molecular
Includes a purpled wine, a very deep green, a navy black and a coffee brown
2. Byzantine
Includes metallics, shimmery gold, rich reds, vibrant blues and purples.
3. Deconstructing – Reconstructing:
Includes ochre, brown and black are accented with topiary greens and lipstick red.
4. Multiple Identity:
Includes blues, irises and browns along with pink, browns, and roses.

Here are the thoughts of Victoria Redshaw, from Trend Forecasters, Scarlet Opus. For more ideas, visit their excellent blog: http://trendsblog.co.uk/
1. TURQUOISE: 2010 is a big year for blue and a strong shade of turquoise sets a summery tone that is sure to give an upbeat vibe. Turquoise is very versatile and looks amazing with all sorts of unexpected colours such as Red, Hot Pink, Coral, Chocolate, Malachite Green, Mellow Yellow and Grey!
2. INDIGO: The blue renaissance continues with a deep Indigo. It’s the new Black! It plays a crucial part in moving the whole ‘tribal’ trend forward and gives a sophisticated African aesthetic.
3. MELLOW YELLOW: Get in the mood with Mimosa! It’s time to rethink Yellow and team it with some trendy partners like Grey or Indigo. Yes it gives us a sun-shiney vibe but it can also create very sophisticated room schemes, is unisex and projects colour-confidence without being ‘in your face’!
4. COPPER: Metallics move away from Yellow-Gold towards warmer Copper tones. Expect to also see Bronze and Rose-tinted Golds…and Blackened Gold!
5. GREEN: From Moss to Malachite, Kelly to Chlorophyll…greens are used in 2010 as a literal expression of Green issues being so high profile. Look out for sharp Lime accents popping up in unexpected places!
6. RED: A bold block of rich red delivers sumptuous glamour to dark room schemes and is also a fantastic peppy accent colour for existing neutral or black & white rooms.
7. PUTTY: 2010 is a year dominated by femininity in design…curvaceous furniture shapes, soft handle fabrics and nude tones including shades of putty, intimate pinks and soft blush peach.
8. GREY: This new neutral is here to stay! Use shades of Grey in the same way as you would cream, beige or white as it works with just about every colour you can think of.
9. CORAL: Striking Coral shades alongside Pink jewel tones and rich Maroons provide an exotic vibe…but Coral can also play a starring role in neutral room schemes that have a calm, beachy aesthetic. It looks great next to the pebble Grey shade!
10. WHITE: It’s the future!

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