Interior Designer Amanda Burdge discusses Handmade Felt Goods

Felt Pin by SMEETA

Felt Pillows by ISLA CORBETT

Felt Ottoman by GRAF AND LANTZ

I have noticed a big shift in consumerism in the past year. Albeit the economy has played a major role in this shift, I have seen a strong desire for handmade, handcrafted and all natural. Maybe as consumers we are realizing the importance of this anti industrialism ideal, especially with so many corporate company's scheming to get rich quick, at our expense. I have noticed a shift in my own buying habits, and crave for the unique, hidden treasure that is SPECIAL. I also crave home grown, all organic foods, especially since seeing the documentary, over the christmas holiday, Food Inc. I no longer want the item that everyone else has. My mother keeps saying to me "welcome to the 60's" "you have officially become a hippie". Hippie or not, I appreciate the skill, and love that goes into something handmade. I also appreciate that my handmade item is unique, and nothing like yours. I also appreciate that a 4 year old is not working in a sweat shop a gazillion miles away making the item Im wearing, and your wearing, and the neighbor is wearing.
Felt bunny by ETCETERA MEDIA

One particular item that has caught my eye is one of THE oldest crafts around, FELT. Used for centuries for it's durability, strength and warmth this age old product has been popular for obvious reasons, and its also inexpensive. Im loving the creative uses Im finding everywhere and it seems that Im SEEING it everywhere! I love the charm and simplicity of each item. Here are a few of my FAVORITES!

Felt Brooch by SOLEIL GIRL

Felt Brooch by KAMIMONO

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