May I make a Comment?

A few weeks ago, (June first to be exact), I started a little experiment. Nothing scientific,
(my days of playing doctor are O-V-E-R) but the goal (I like goals, makes me feel IMPORTANT and SPECIAL,) was to visit 50, give or take, blogs a day. My experiment was to benefit both parties. I would learn all about these new fabulous blogs, leave a little bloggy comment love and in return I too would be the proud recipient of comment bloggy love. Everybody wins, right? WRONG! What did my research reveal? That my friends in bloggy land couldn't quite get the cargo across the river in time for dinner. Informally, LIMP, FLACCID, NEGLECTFUL SLACKERS!!

DAY 1. I visited 53 blogs. My diligent, tireless overzealous fingers clicking, tapping and typing away. Leaving kind thoughts of encouragement, happy notes of wisdom, and pure unadulterated laughter. Excited to see MY deserving notes of wisdom, encouragement and unadulterated laughter I waited. AND waited,.... and then waited more. Now dont get me wrong I have some very faithful, devoted, steadfast and dependable bloggy friends. Without fail they will come to my rescue and prove to me that their is in fact LIFE OUT THERE. And to you my loyal friends I send my deepest and most sincere genuine bloggy love. (hugs)Without you I would be lost, lonely and umimportant. Words a designer must never hear!!! But for the rest of you? You are a bunch of no good, negligent sloths. Yup I said it! You ought to be a shamed of your self. Calling yourself a blogger. Take, take, take. Like theifs in the night you embezzle, pick pocket and snacth up every comment with nothing in return. Crooks! TSK,TSK,!

By my third day I had successfully met my goal. Roughly 50 comments. And might I add, this
is time of which I should be, designing, implementing, and selling; so I can keep a roof over
my head, food on my table, and focus my PRECIOUS and VALUABLE time on TARGET!
BUT NOOOOOOO. I continued tirelessly clicking, tapping and typing away so unselfishly like a taskmaster leaving priceless bloggy comment love, with no love in return. Do you realize it is like leaving gold on the table? These gifts so prized and valued. They are not easy to come by nor should they be taken lightly. They must be earned, not stolen. How can you find yourself WORTHY of such a prized ingredient that is the fundamental component of any blogs success? And I thought I was displaying arrogant and boastful behavior!

After a week I triumphantly conquered my goal, even leaving 103 comments on one of my days. To my dissatisfaction, I received 14 in return. 14 people!!!! At least on the days I left 50 I received 21-27 but 14!!! This is failure, in epoch proportions. This is not your finest hour. Not mine either. I could have been doing something important like washing my hair, cleaning my feet, or designing a damn accessory for TARGET. Clearly, Im a very busy person! But for those of you who dont know and never had a Grandma to teach you proper etiquette, the world works like this, its really quite simple; give and you shall receive. Waiting,....(crickets)..... waiting,.....(crickets).... waiting some more. There are not many rules in Bloggy land. But I will not tolerate this egocentric, self-serving, thoughtless, inconsiderate, greedy, mean and selfish behavior!! Informally, LIMP, FLACCID, NEGLECTFUL SLACKERS!! And while you run off to get a pedicure, get your grocery shopping done, and pay your bills, Im typing, clicking, and tapping away leaving words of encouragement, wisdom and laughter. Im a designer for Gods sake, Im VERY busy doing VERY important things. Must I go out and seek comment love with nothing in return? Can't you see the DESIGNER flag flying high? The big designer badge on my chest? I have needs people! I cannot get to TARGET if I am spending my days seeking support to achieve my DESERVED fundamental ingredient to bloggy success. I need to focus. I need encouraging, cultivating, stimulating support, and let me tell you, I have VERY high expectations. You better hope on the love of GOD, and nature herself you don't disappoint me. My knee jerk reaction to this precarious performance is to throw you to the vermin!!

It is my destiny to do and be something great. What can I say? It's a gift, I know. ( Never mind the fact that this awesomeness I call pure genius has gone to waste up until now; but that is totally besides the point) I see this as a minor speed bump in the road. A time that GOD has bestowed upon me to grant me an offering of donated humbleness. Unlike my bloggy slackers I will take this titanic size gift, cherish it, hold it dear to my heart, and in return give back something of true greatness. All distributed by Target Corp Minneapolis, MN 55403, all rights reserved.

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