Before and after's

Most weeks I prance around here with the big "D" on my chest like God's gift to designer society. (And most weeks I am God's gift. I mean really does it get any better than me? Ha!) Placed here on special assignment to devour and conquer ugly spaces, I glide from space to space waving my magic wand of excellence. With gale force winds, I twist, tweak, and storm through the unpleasant and make things, appealing and agreeable. This however, is not one of THOSE weeks.

This week has been unfriendly, displeasing, repugnant, and downright disagreeable. Gasp! I'm going to head over to Kristen's (at cup of chaos) and just steal the whole bottle of Vodka. Maybe two. Taking one drink at a time, out of this CUP of chaos, is just not working! Im beyond cups and chaos at this point. I need a BOTTLE of pandemonium with a side of havoc, mayhem and I will take anarchy for dessert.

To bring back that luster of hope that I am gifted, accomplished, and talented, I thought I would put up some before and afters. Maybe this will help me feel like a competent, capable designer who can actually CREATE, design and implement, despite the fact that my clients think Im a punching bag, door mat, and bank of trust. Enjoy!

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