Is it fair to say we are in a recession? Or would our "situation" be better described as an economic meltdown caused by greedy, glutinous, money hungry pigs swallowed and consumed with insatiable affluenza? I for one do not ever recall a time where every business, big or small, was so desperate and motivated for everyones dollar. My husband and I went to the mall Saturday night. I realized that I had not been in the mall for over nine months. No need to go. They want money for all those pretty, sparkly, shiny new things. Money that I do not possess. And yet I sell pretty, sparkly, shiny new things, and I am desperate and VERY motivated to get everyones dollar too. Funny how the world works. I need money to eat (not really), pay bills (is that really necessary I paid those last month), and make sure I have enough left over for my heavenly, splendid drink of choice, dirty martini, two olives, yum! (a few hundred bucks should do.) But like so many Americans with little left over, I am unable to participate in the purchasing of pretty, sparkly new things. I have a budget and priorities to stick to. A martini and olive budget. My little martini makes all my old, tired worn out decorations look new, intoxicating (literally) and fun. And some times I wake up and find them in new places (How exciting!) So our Target Tuesday focus will be on decorative, fun and AFFORDABLE, piggy banks.

Piggy banks can be fun, flirty, practical, and decorative. My piggy banks for Target will be all those things, plus easy on the bank. *wink* I will have banks in fun shapes like stars, globes, urns and the tried and true, Mr piggy himself. To add to the fun they will have fun sayings on them like "martini budget", "maid", "allowance", "spa day", "rainy day", " I need a break", and so on. My banks will easily go with your everyday decor, and to add to the fun I will have chalkboard on the backs so you can tally your savings. How fun! And to add to that youthful nostalgia, I will offer some banks that can only be accessed by breaking them.( "I NEED A BREAK!")

My little piggys will add whimsy and fun to the everyday mundane of feeling broke. They will make you smile as you add that extra dollar AND they will produce cold hard cash! How great is that? Resourceful and efficient. Something everyone could use a little more of in this economic meltdown! Thanks for visiting us on this Target Tuesday!!!

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