Target Tuesday.

I must say that this has been the rainiest year I can remember since living in TN. I'm already engulfed in a torrid affair with my beloved vodka, and oh so delicious oreo's. If there is any hope of me surviving this gloomy grey covered sky from lack of motivation, laziness, and sleepiness, the sun must come out. Otherwise, I am going to continue down a path of a 17 year old teenager with no direction, driving determination or enthusiasm. My biggest spurt of energy these days comes from the motivating force of walking to the fridge or the slightest chance of grabbing a cat nap. Oh those are good days! What is it about the rain and gloom that sucks all the life out of us? I really do need to invest in a comfy sofa for the office so I can slip in a quick nap or two.
(Nothing like a good old fashion CAT NAP!)

In an effort to boost my spirits, and ambition (did I ever admit to having any? I mean really, is it required or necessary to run a business...??) my target tuesday is going to be on candles. I have been lighting candles as big as a forest fire in my office and home, to TRY and kick start an ounce of inspiration and gusto into my everyday routine. Although I would rather make a trip to the fridge, and take a quick nap. In pursuit of this so called "motivation" (who really needs it anyway?) I have awakened a passionate, obsessive monster that prefers the recreation of doing NOTHING. So lets light some candles! Makes perfect sense.

I realize that there is every kind of candle known to mankind in our existence. Everything that can or could be added or subtracted has been done. The right ingredients the wrong ingredients, what ever necessary to sell that candle has been done. So why take on an industry that can easily run circles around me with precise execution? Well, it's simple really. Because I can! No good accessories line is complete without candles. And with Target as my driving force of support (they can be my motivation, ambition, enthusiastic cheerleaders) I can produce the BEST candles, at the BEST price.
My candles will burn for 80 hours or more. They will be soy based and have the best quality wax. Each candle will come with a wick trimmer to remind ALL of us that a trimmed candle is a better performing candle! They will have subtle but aromatic scents that eliminate everyday odors without knocking our socks off with over perfumed fragrances. There is nothing worse than bacon smelling freesia. And yes there are thousands of choices to choose from when selecting and buying candles. But I promise you this. These will be the prettiest, most fragrant and best quality candles you can buy for the money. So light up a candle, grab a bag of oreo's, and snuggle into your favorite Target blanket for a rainy day afternoon of movie watching.

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