They say it's my Birthday, whoop whoop!!

Once again Im sure you have all noticed my drunken absence....., a-hem, I mean lack of presence in the blogosphere. I was originally told that this blogging thing was a winter sport, or hobby rather. I find myself less interested in typing and more interested in gulping; it's so much more promising. I mean really, think about it, it's 30 something degrees outside, and Im wearing more clothing than an NASA astronaut headed to space. With all these layers of clothes I can barely manage to turn around or lift my arms without catapulting myself at warp speed to the ground of sludge and fall leaves. ( at least the leaves are pretty this time of year, and quite engaging. Might as well enjoy the view if Im going to be consistently stuck viewing them at microscopic distance.) So slushing down a few oreos and a sip of liquid warmth never hurt anyone.

The way I see it, if Im going to end up on the ground anyways, I feel the booze is just a better alternative as a winter sport. It keeps me warm, requires less clothing, and makes everything (even taxes, debt, and cranky customers) not seem so bad. Oh how I love the holiday season!!

Today is my birthday. So in true birthday festivity fashion I went to Costco and stocked up on my beloved booze of choice, VODKA. No need for work today. If any argument for self employment glory should stick (never mind the headache of payroll, taxes, employee bullshit, solicitors, paper work, staying late ALL the time, CUSTOMER bullshit and CLIENT bullshit) it is the shear fact that I can do what ever the hell I want with no doubt that the vodka will kick in quickly and the place could burn down with no regrets ( at least for today). Amazing little bottle of liquid courage and friend, oh how I love thee. Ha!

We at AB HOME have been in the midst of preparing for our HUGE annual warehouse sale. It is our anniversary in the grandest proportions. Why I have to give my crap away to the public for MY anniversary at stupid prices I will never know, thus, we have been knee deep in tagging inventory hell for the past three weeks. Over 700 SKU's of product slashed to ridiculous prices. Never lower. This is the time to buy, buy, buy. And at this moment, if I look at one more plate, deck of playing cards, holiday what-not, or accessory, well it just may require another slurp of my fruity vanilla liquid gold of, "AHHHH, much better."
Today my friends, it is good to be BOSS lady. It is 8am and I am still in my pj's . My intentions for the day...well no major plans. Everyday is a freaking roadmap of take care of this, make sure you do that, don't forget to call so and so, get blah, blah done before... and so on. No agenda other than:
1) write blog post so bloggyland doesn't think Im in a permanent drunken stooper under a bridge in elated bliss,
2) make turkey sandwich for lunch (with a few oreos)
3) Watch as much trash TV as humanly possible
4) MAYBE go for a walk to wash off the guilty pleasures of life, and get a little fresh air to rinse off the smell of booze, oreo crumbs and lord knows what else, before the family comes at 6 .

And not necessarily in that particular order. Yes, it's good to be BOSS lady today! Hope all of you in bloggyland have a fabulous Friday and a great weekend. Cheers!

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