7 killer resources to shop like a designer

Ever wonder why a designer can find the coolest things? And somehow, the homes we design just look different, but you can't put your thumb on it? Someway we find the most unique furniture, unusual accessories, lamps, art, etc, that you just can't seem to find. I know, we are just special in that way. Well it's because we have been trained by the CIA in a secret laboratory, and given classified information on a hand shake that only we know.... oooor it's because it's our job to present the best to you. We thrive on acceptance, and validating approval from you our devoted clients, because we love it when our magic creation makes you happy. {But I am certain it's the secret handshake.}
Christopher Guy

 I am here to tell you, handshake aside {although a snazzy hand swing, jiggle, or jim-jam, of the wrist never hurt advancement here in our office}, we have our trusty go-to's at AB HOME that always make us look like rockstars, superstars and everything in between...cause that's how we roll!
This company has the most amazing collection of furniture, lighting, wallpaper, lighting, and rugs. A true go-to, for all things unique, and special.

Elizabeth has a wide selection of ordinary pieces with a twist. Bright colors, unusual shapes, and always a surprise ending!

This line is the BEST line of furnishings when you are looking for high-end tradition with an alice-in-wonderland interpretation. His pieces are over exaggerated, distinct and exclusive. Nothing says designer like Christopher guy.

This line was developed by a group of designers and architects out of New York. They have so many awesome pieces that are stylish, unusual and super fun colors.

This line is a true favorite. The collection is the epitome of California cool and classic. It mixes raw woods, patina finishes, and oozes cool, easy style.

Everyone could use a little more bling in their life, right? This line is fashion forward, multifaceted and offers numerous unexpected surprises, even capable of wowing your mother-in-law!

I cannot say enough about this upholstery line. We use it again, and again, and again. It is the most consistent upholstery line I have ever used in quality, lead times, and customer satisfaction. I have client's that have LEE pieces they purchased thirty years ago, and still love them. Everyone who has a LEE piece loves it, and I have yet to receive a chair, or sofa that wasn't ridiculously comfortable!
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