how to incorporate a classic

 Black and White is neither created nor destroyed. Like a Chanel suit, 
it is a classic, ever present today, as it was yesterday.
I love all things black and white. And those of you who follow this blog, 
or know me, know how desperately addicted I am to this graphic pop. 

Black and white spaces create graphic pop because white expands, and black recedes. Put
them together with a bright summer hue of pink, yellow, blue, green or any other bright color,
and it instantly captures your eye, and interest.

Another interesting fact about black and white is that it is perpetually held as the most chic and stylish combination. Whether combined in fashion, or in interiors, it is always stylish and elegant.

Black and White interiors always look sleek, fresh, and stylish. Many people I work with think that they cannot get away with using a black and white color scheme because it is often shown in a contemporary setting. But black and white is essentially a neutral, and goes with everything, 
like the photos shown below.

Black and white is the easiest and most versatile neutral to work with in your home if you are looking for a new twist, or update. It can go from the extreme and over stated, like below

Geoffrey Bradfield

Or classically understated in a snap!


Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury. Fashion fades, only true style remains the same and a woman is closest to being naked when she is well dressed. ~ Coco Chanel

Nothing could be more true than the way we live. Be authentic, love completely and surround yourself with a lifestyle of indulgence; even if fulfillment comes from a $2 dollar trinket. 
~ Amanda Burdge


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