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This week I have been prancing (shakin' like a polaroid picture) around the office, like the BIG "D" that I am, preparing for my trip to New York. (I mean really, does it get any better than this?) Placed on earth on special assignment to create beautiful spaces, I float on candy coated pipe dreams that someday the world will be pleasant and agreeable; oh! and exercise WORLD PEACE! Waving my wand of DESIGN excellence I dream of a perfect world of beauty. A world with perfect drapery, superb lighting, glamourous colour, original art and an expert space plan. Ahhhh...the delight! Im heading off to New York to meet with my business coach and campaign amongst other BIG "D's" to mastermind, plan and orchestrate our evil plan to take over the world...I mean network. So until I return I leave you with some quick tips to update your home for Spring, on a shoestring budget.

 Occasionally, everyone needs to step outside of their Winnebago providence and shake things up. (insert quarters here!) Have you ever looked at your old tired room and wondered what you could do to make it better? Well most people want to shake it up, but not everyone has the budget to achieve shakin' not stirred success. So how can you get a fresh take on your old tired space with the cash in your fourth grade piggy bank?

1) Paint-This has got to be THE easiest solution for the biggest change. Pick a color that coordinates with the items you already have in your room. (For example, if your furniture is brown and green, don't paint the walls blue!) Voila! New Paint, new look.

2) Pillows-easy and inexpensive, changing pillows can add color, pattern and style with one easy swoop. I recommend this to all my clients. Keep a few extra pillows in a closet or under the bed so you can change them up every so often. Mix them up and have fun!

3)Lamps- Change out one or two lamps. Different styles, shades and heights will add dimension, better lighting and add a decorative element to your home.

4) Goodwill-Rummage through goodwill stores to find old furniture that can be painted and updated. PLENTY left over for a trip to Olive Garden AND a package of oreos!
Look at this great piece that Dayka Robinson  from Life and Style found
Or this piece that Tammy from In Stitches found

5) Cabinet hardware-I tell my clients to change hardware ALL the time. It is easy, inexpensive and will create a big change.

6) Declutter-So many homes that I go into are overwhelmed with stuff. Remove the clutter, straighten up and get the clutter out! Look how beautiful this bookshelf looks all organized with color! Whew! It's hard to be ridiculously gorgeous!

7) Add mirrors- Mirrors are reflective and can add sparkle to a room. Designers LOVE shiny, sparkly things! And if it's good for Versaille....

Hope you all have a fantastic week! Maria and I will tell you all about our trip, with pics, when we return next week!!! In the meantime here is a book to help you with your decorating woes:

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