Welcome and thank-you for joining us on our 5th (where does the time go?) Target Tuesday!! Today's special feature will be on area rugs. For those of you not familiar with my blog, type in Target Tuesday in the upper left search button. The goal is simple, the purpose straightforward. Get a line at TARGET.

One of my hallmarks as a designer is to use repeating elements. The BASICS. Baskets, pillows, artwork and rugs. Check! The items that really make a home, a home. Area rugs are just that. They create comfort, luxury and texture in a room. They are the key ingredient in making a furniture grouping a perfect society. Rugs are a sorority of sorts teamed together to organize conversation and help your furniture band in cohesive gatherings. Sounds like a potluck!
Many clients don't realize the importance that a rug brings to a furniture grouping. Im currently working on a project where the homeowner just doesn't understand why her room feels unfinished. She has added numerous accessories, case goods, and more accessories and it still feels incomplete. Her room does not house an area rug. With 15 foot ceilings and furniture swimming without a life preserver, the furniture simply drowns! Simple solution, add a rug.

TARGET has a good selection of area rugs. But the sizes are all wrong. My line will focus more on the needs of a designer's focus. How we utilize a room, and how we decorate or repurpose that room changes the needs of the rug we use. For instance, I love big area rugs in a kitchen. But a 2' wide rug in a 4' kitchen doesn't fit the bill. Im also disappointed with their out door selection. Once again the rug sizes are all wrong.

My rugs will be classic, tailored and easy to decorate around. The sizes will follow a different ideal or focus; a designer's focus! They will be easy to clean and have colors that work with any decor. My rugs will not have an oriental or highly patterned look. They will be simple in design, with larger over scaled patterns. I may even use repetitive patterns such as damasks. They will coordinate easily so that each room can have a different look that isn't cookie cutter and overly matchy.
Area rugs complete the furniture ensemble. And as much as I have seen clients reject the idea of having a rug because it is too much "hassle to clean, or walk on, or I love my wood floors" once they see the results of what a difference it makes, like christianity is to Sunday, they are born again!
Thanks for visiting us again on TT day. I look forward to your comments, and TARGET Im ready and waiting for your call!!

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