TARGET Tuesday!!!!!!

Sorry everyone for being absent for the last couple of days. I decided to go to moms for a few days to enjoy the fireworks, and festivities. Good Fun! I can't believe it is already TARGET Tuesday again! As usual, for those of you new to the blog, scroll down and get up to speed. I have Target Tuesday's every week, I encourage you to comment and leave thoughts, and if you are from TARGET I look forward to hearing from you on my new accessories line!!!

This week my focus will be on artwork. I love artwork. And while the really good expensive stuff, that is original, (from the eclectic twig who wears uber cool glasses, and dons black ALL the time, and super important intense personality) makes for a great story and price tag, it doesn't need to be overly expensive and can be affordable. In the past I feel Target has really lacked in this department. They have a few peices hanging near their lamps but the selection is random and subject matter substandard. I also feel the artwork scale or size could be better.

Artwork, like any accessory, adds style, personality and color to a room. Many of my clients underestimate the punch a piece of artwork can add to a room, hall, entrance, or bathroom. So often clients will overdecorate using as many objects as they can stuff in a corner or wall to call it "decorated". But they overdue it, resulting in a decorating tornado of catastropic debris of crap. For those of you who read my posts you are familiar with my philosophy on overdecorating, and my thoughts on crap. Simple, understated, and tailered. That is a beautiful room.

Take a piece of artwork, that has the correct scale, and add it to a wall, any wall and like magic with nothing else it starts to complete a room. Combine it with baskets, pillows and other accessories and you have yourself a well decorated room.

My TARGET artwork will be natural. 95% of all artwork I select is botantical or natural in media. I like art that is timeless, classic and goes with any decor. If you change styles or move into another home the artwork still works anywhere. It won't scream "I bought this metallic gold and purple abstract in the 80's!" My artwork with TARGET will consist of colors found in nature. The subject matter will be natural and serene. The scenery draws you within the picture. And all the pieces can be mixed and matched with ease, so there will be no hesitation for the consumer if one works with the other. The frames will be chunky but simple. Not over detailed. And there will be various sizes to suit the needs of every buyers needs. Thanks everyone for visiting us on TARGET Tuesday.

As always give me your thoughts. What do you crave? What accessory can you not live without? What item do you wish TARGET carried?

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