Ok so Im being told that this blogging thing is a winter sport. Can this really be considered a sport? I mean really, Im sipping a toddy with just a splash of vodka,(....the size of a tsunami) and shoving a donut in my mouth; and dare I say I just finished an entire bowl of mac and cheese ( it's considered a vegetable here in the south, I don't make the rules, I simple enjoy them.) So as we enter into our 5th?, 6th? Target Tuesday I can't help but wonder if I am missing the boat of enlightenment. It may take a fork lift to get me to that boat, but could it be possible that Target is on vacation? Oh MY!

My journey today will be focusing on lamps. I love lamps. I know, I know, I LOVE every thing home decor. I suppose that is why I do what I do. But lamps make doing it easier! Lamps are the quintessential accessory. They do so many things. A home decor work horse if you will. They bring proportion and scale to a room. They are decorative with ceramic, brass, glass, painted or wood bases. And the shades! Oh they can just add that little pop of surprise or be subtle and sleek.

Lamps add light. But they also add warmth to a room. No fluorescent bulbs here. I practice many green things, but I draw the line at fluorescent bulbs. They are too blue and cold. They make everyone look blue, and dead. And while the dead need to look good too, their lighting is not nearly as important as other things are.

Target has a decent selection of lamps, but they are quite generic. Nothing overly fun, and as usual Im not keen on the sizes available. In a designers world size is EVERYTHING. If it isn't the right size everything around it will be off. My lamps will offer several different mediums. Glass, ceramic, wood, iron and metal. My favorite is ceramic. I love glazed ceramic lamps with color. I will have different shade options, but my favorite shade is a drum shade. It offers the most versatility, it is sleek in design and it puts out the most light. I will have shades in solids, and textures but specialize in drum shades. All my lamps will be easily mixed and matched and as always they will be classic, easy on the eyes, and tailored in style.

Well hopefully Target is not on vacation. Although Im finding that EVERYONE is on vacation except me! Hopefully while on that cruise, excursion, or adventure you have a moment to open that laptop and give AB HOME a little peek, so when you return we can get to work! Thanks for visiting us on TARGET TUESDAY!!

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