Wow this is so exciting. It is Target Tuesday again. And Im not sure if it was the exhausting trip to Atlanta, or the fireworks from the previous weekend, but I cannot for the life of me remember how many Target Tuesday's we have had. Let's see
1) Baskets- oh yes that was a good one
2) Pillows- Love those!
3) Artwork-Cant live without!

So that makes this our fourth TT!! How exciting! Well I had planned on talking about another favorite of mine, until my assistant brought it to my attention (while we were at Market in Atlanta) how much I LOVE platters. Not just any platters, BIG platters. I love decorating with platters. As you all know, I am a simple aesthetic designer. No clutter.

Platters are a great accessory. They effortlessly dress up a cocktail table, dining table or side table. Platters on a cocktail table can easily scoop up remote controls and be decorative. Love that! Function and beauty! I find it very hard to find large platters that are decorative. Target has never been overstocked in this department. In fact they have had the same aqua platter for over 2 years and it is only 16" in diameter.

I want to create some platters for my line at Target that are fashion forward and classic. They will have colors that are timeless not trendy, be large in size, and they will have the added benefit of texture. I love platters that have uneven edges or raised media.

My platters will be at least 20"-22" in diameter, and classic contemporary designs. I don't typically put platters in stands, but I will offer stands separately for those who wish to display their platters in a different way. I will also make my platters food safe. This added benefit gives this accessory multiple purposes, which we love. And if you live in a small space multi functional items are a must when you lack storage.

Well there you have it folks! Our fourth Target Tuesday lineup. Isn't this exciting? Well thanks for stopping by. And as usual SUPPORT THE CAUSE!! Help Amanda get her line at target!!!! And if you have any suggestions, leave a comment. THANKS!!!

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