Where's my munay??

"...I don't want to get off on a rant here", but Im getting a little tired of the prejudiced and biased notion that the trade of design is a domestic sport for your entertainment and pleasure. (and no this isn't Dennis Miller, this is the DESIGNER with the limp flag and broken flagpole.) Every month I have to turn my designer badge upside down and turn into a designer hitman. Sliding down every dark ally, I make advances, dismiss politeness (sorry Grandma, I don't have on the pearls) and become an uncivilized savage so I can track down every apathetic, unconcerned client and customer to collect my MUNAY!

I went to school for my profession. And yes it is a profession. I have a little piece of paper that proves that just like any other college major, I too had to roll out of bed in the morning and go to lecture, labs, and drafting class. So why is it when you get that little invoice in the mail you discard it to the wind, and cast it aside with reckless abandonment? I find it funny that you have electricity and a roof over your head. Oh wait you pay THOSE bills! Those invoices must be SPECIAL, and have outstanding paper. Or maybe they have pretty envelopes. But then again mine come in pretty envelopes. And I even have remarkably CLEAR invoices, with YOUR name on it. They clearly say on the little invoice, MUST BE PAID WITHIN 7 DAYS. Funny, I even started paying my assistant to highlight it. You know with one of those smart vertical things, (greatest invention EVER) from office depot. I have invested several dollars in them. I have them in blue, pink, green, and MY favorite, yellow. Apparently Yellow isn't your favorite because that is what we have been using to highlight your invoice. Shall we use blue? Or do you prefer green?

I promise I will use which ever color you prefer. We could even vow not to highlight them all; assuming you could be trusted to PAY the invoice. I know it sounds like a lot to ask. I know this must sound harsh, and difficult, even cruel and severe. But I have a lot more IMPORTANT things to be doing, like fixing my flag, and designing( which Im actually qualified to do). Chasing you down for money owed, that I have so diligently earned, is not exactly high on my list of favorite things to do, and Im not qualified to do. I DID NOT go to assassin school, or hitman school. I grew up in the hood and have masqueraded around in the dark, blind, trying to find my way through your strident games of " I will take care of this Friday", "oh yes, it's sitting here on the desk it will be next week before I get to it", or my favorite "I will pay it when I get around to it."

Im not sure if you realize, but I too would like to keep my electricity on and a roof over my head. It would even be nice if I could fix my limp flag and broken flagpole. Unfortunately, I have to chase my munay down executioner style just so I can make payroll. Funny thing but my employees seem to think that payday is REALLY important. Apparently, they have electricity and roofs to worry about too!

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